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Auto Repair in Paso Robles, California

Juan Carrillo, Owner/Manager

Friendly, reliable service. More than 20 years experience. Carrillo Automotive maintains and repairs all kinds of domestic and foreign cars and light trucks. Brakes? Brake repair That's Juan Carrillo's specialty. ABS light on? Come in for a free diagnosis. Air conditioner not keeping you cool? Don't suffer in the Paso heat — come on in to Carrillo Automotive and get it fixed, and fixed right. Check that odometer every day, and get your vehicle in to Carrillo Automotive for your 30,000 mile checkup ... and your 100,000 mile checkup.

Brakes  •  Air conditioner  •  Timing belt  •  Tune-ups  •  Warranty maintenance  •  30,000 mile checkup  •  100,000 mile checkup

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